Strong Man

The Strong People around Me and How I Can’t be Like Them

There’s one thing I would brag about any time: people I have in my life. My friends and some relatives. I don’t know how it happened. Not only they all have strong personalities, but they are also very good at managing bad times of their lives. Which I’m not. This is one of the reasons I admire them so deeply.

I find interesting how they don’t seem to need too often a shoulder to cry on or someone to help them sorting the things out in their lives. Which seems easy to do, but sometimes is difficult as hell. Instead, I noticed they can be really tough and hard to put down. Again, I’m not.

But I am really good at doing listicles so this is how I would describe some of them – admiration and pride included:

  • The one who doesn’t know the term “Fail”. I have a friend who doesn’t seem to have the feeling of failing. I think it is not in her genes or something. When things less pleasant happen to her, she moves on in the next second, without being emotionally affected. Since she doesn’t has the feelings associated with failing – such as shame, anger, hopelessness – she can keep walking with the same energy as before. And her speed of adapting at things is unbelievable, almost non-human.


  • The one who fights and usually wins. Even though she may feel stressed in the difficult moments, she can elevate her guard at a level where the adversity doesn’t stand a chance. She doesn’t hold the bad feelings inside (which I do). So all the negativity goes quickly out of her system, letting her completely fresh instead of broken, after the bad moment passes. The downside – if you’re around at that moment, the negative stuff may accidentally land on you. But don’t worry, she will not beat you up for no reason. Only if broking your jaw is justified.


  • The one who keeps evolving, learning and growing things. With a steady passion, this girl rocks the social networks and brings tons of positive energy online, establishing rules and encouraging people to create and to grow. She earned a great popularity and now if I’d have to imagine a life with no more online contact with her, I could only see a silent, boring desert.


  • The one I never had an argument with. There is someone in my life who I think (and hope) will always feel blessed. He only spreads good vibes around. I never had a fight or argument with him, because there never was a reason! Being such a positive, malleable and understanding person, the trouble seems to stay away from him, most of the times. Everyone faces inevitable problems, but he has a calm and balanced way of managing them, without spreading molten lava everywhere. Surprising or not, he attracts mostly kindness and fluffy things. God, I’m so angry when I get the opposite of this!


  • The one who made out of ambition a habit. She’s someone who I haven’t seen in a long time, but I still remember. I admired the way she faced all her problems and kept developing herself, without hiding her sadness or fears. She sought for moral support, used all her energy and knowledge for reaching to the things she wanted, not hiding her vulnerability. The result? She succeeded in most of the aspects of her life and I’m almost sure she somehow managed the rest of them, even though I don’t know how she’s doing lately.

Even though these are great models for me, I admit I can’t act like them when I face hard times. I’m quite bad at revealing my emotions. I tend to interiorize negative feelings. I don’t have the ability to carry on like nothing happened and I also tend to turn my weapons against myself, instead of accepting that sometimes shit happens and you have to let go.

So, whenever you face difficult times, I can’t advice you enough to be like them, act like them and incorporate these attitudes. Don’t be like me, be like them.


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