Youtube Channels with Great Video Content

The line between creating a badass Youtube video and a disaster is very thin. It is why most of the content we see on the video social platform seem to fail at generating interest and engagement. Though this statement is available for any type of content, in the video section, the bad ideas have a greater visual impact and lead to more visceral “wtf-is-this-shit” reactions. It is why when you make a video and decide to put it online, you have to leave your compromises aside: best tools possible and really interesting ideas to share. But when it’s done in the right way, video content surely can turn you into a star.

Until recently, I didn’t enjoy so much Youtube content besides the good ol’ music videos. But digging a couple of millimeters deeper, is enough to discover some fabulous stuff – which I did. So, without further ado, here are a couple of Youtube channels, whose authors I find smart, witty, imaginative and totally charismatic. It is impossible to get bored by their videos which I’d sincerely watch over and over again!

  1. Crash Course

This channel is like a video encyclopedia. Well, maybe not “like”, it is actually a damn smart video encyclopedia! Think of any subject you learned at school or university: Crash Course probably already made a video about it. BUT! If you remember feeling bored or uninterested in that particular subject, I’m pretty sure that a Crash Course video on the same topic will have a totally different impact.

The designs used, voice overs and the general way of exposing information make these videos accessible to anyone who wants to learn, without feeling like actually putting new things into their memory. It’s amazing! At the same time, they don’t cut the precious information on any subject, offering the entire learning experience in a visually appealing way, with suggestive graphics and a well-structured narration. My honest opinion is that they can replace the traditional school at any time.

  1. The Health Nerd

The Health Nerd channel is about fitness and healthy eating. Since there are so many web pages, Facebook pages, Youtube channels and influencers specialized on this subject, it created in time a lack of trust in anyone whom they would promise to look as a super model in two weeks. None of these guys will actually help you to stay away from chocolate. But The Health Nerd brings on the table a concept with higher chances to make you start creating at least some good habits, by using smart ingredients such as:

  • A funny sketched character that accompanies the viewer in each video;
  • Humor – perfectly mixed with the awareness of the loosing weight struggles;
  • Insightful pieces of advice, based on scientific and proven facts, considering that the modern human being is lazy and doesn’t have a natural predisposition to dieting. – how true!

Speaking of the videos, I felt caught up in the Health Nerd’s discourse since the first seconds of each video. Creating a healthy lifestyle is not an easy mission, but we can always use some fun and witty moments along the run. And The Health Nerd brings tons of it.

  1. Anna Akana

A Los Angeles Asian actress and stand-up comedian, Anna Akana has an entertainment Youtube vlog, perfect for young folks. Being extremely honest about herself, she shares whole pieces of real life, adding humor (the dark type included), sarcasm, surprising video effects and original points of view. Within the cutaways of her videos, she plays all  characters roles, changing voices, outfits and even the gender. Bonus: in some of her videos, she simply smashes the taboo component of subjects such as rape and racism.

Watching Anna Akana’s vlog, you realize that this girl has no limits and what you see is only a tiny part of her strength. Is a matter of course that her content is addicting. Bonus: if you’re a cat lover, you can always enjoy the fluffy references of her six cats!

  1. Matthew Hussey

A British coach specialized in dating advice, Matthew also offers lifestyle advice and tips to create love chemistry. He is a golden mine for women in searching for a good relationship, who need to boost their confidence and to develop their life in a positive, resourceful way.

It is true that love coaches simply flooded the internet. But I can tell that Matthew Hussey is not like the majority and distinguishes out of the rest. Not only he is charismatic and has a compelling speech, but he actually has interesting ideas to share, that can objectively help a person to regain their confidence after a break-up, to change their attitude and even to obtain positive results in each aspect of life.

Although Matthew’s videos have a pronounced marketing component, it still worth big time listening to him.


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