What Can I Do for You

Do you have a business website and want to make it work for you like a charm? You are in the right place! My special talent is writing and administrating web content that will lead to reaching your objectives. Here is what my magic wand could do:

  1. Writing content for the main sections of a website

I have a couple of years of experience in creating web content, including for the important pages of any website: homepage, descriptions for products or services, FAQ page, “About us” page and Contact page. And I never forget about the captions and descriptive texts of images.

  1. Writing blog posts (WordPress, Blogger)

Your blog needs valuable content, whether it is linked to a website or a social media account. A quality business blog should contain posts related to your products or services, that attract readers, generate likes and shares and ultimately lead to specific actions (such as visiting the website and showing interest in your products or services). Each blog post has some important features:

  • It gives valuable insights or advice, being interesting to read
  • It is 100% original
  • It is SEO friendly, meaning that it meets all the criteria for being high-ranked by the search engines.

Each blog has to be frequently updated with new posts, which ought to be shared Social Media platforms.

  1. Creating content for online stores (OPEN CART Platform)

An online store should be organized and well structured in order to attract as many potential customers as possible. The steps for upgrading an online store are the following:

  • Grouping all the products in the special categories they fit into;
  • Creating descriptions for each product;
  • Listing the technical specifications (where the case);
  • Adding good quality photos to each product;
  • Adding tags and metadata for each product;
  • Set the products prices.
  1. Writing SEO articles.

SEO articles include relevant keywords for your products or services and are helpful in growing the website visibility. They also respect a list of rules that are essential for getting a high Google rank. I can write articles of 250-500 words that are grammatically flawless and original, fulfilling all the SEO specifications.

  1. Administrating website content

Whether you have frequent content updates on website or you need to add all the website content from zero (with the website architecture already set), we can collaborate together. I am experienced in content administration for well-known companies, through the marketing agency I work for. Content administration can be done in any language and even other alphabets than Latin. (A guideline would be required, for other languages than English).

Sounds amazing?

Write to me at surdeanu.silvia@gmail.com and see how we can collaborate together.

You can also find me on FIVERR



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